Did Ben Shapiro Create a Fake Antifa Recruitment Site?


Viral social media posts claimed that conservative pundit Ben Shapiro created a fake Antifa recruitment website. The basis for these claims was a message in the website’s source code that reads: “Welcome to Your New Site Mr. Shapiro Check for your welcome email at bshapiro@dailywire.com.” 

That exact message was, in fact, hidden in the source code of the website. However, it was planted there by a leftist troll named Adam Rahuba, who took credit for the prank shortly after it started going viral: 

The website asked those who are interested in joining to give information such as name, email address, city, and phone number to register as members of Antifa. After it went viral, Rahuba altered the website to link to another tweet in which he took credit for the website:

Twitter avatar for @adam_rahubaAdam Rahuba (Leader of Antifa) @adam_rahuba
Ben Shapiro didn't create "
braverthanthetroops.org." I did. I put his email in the source code to mess with him. The site was a honeypot to collect voicemails and phone numbers from far-right lunatics. And hoooo boy did it work. Turn on your sound. Maybe keep the kids away.

Shapiro, on the other hand, suggested another website which prospective-Antifa members could submit their personal information:

Photograph by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons.